Mission save the Mbale street children from drug abuse


As a concerned resident of Namatala slum in Mbale Municipality, the rise sin drug abuse by street children is so worrying. Here children between 10-17 years have abandoned homes and spend most of their time on Mbale streets abusing drugs. Drugs commonly used include: brewed waraji, hash oil, heroin, marinjuana,opium, her local brew (Malwa) among others. These drugs have negatively affected their mental and physical health. Despite efforts by many to support their education, little has been realized because dropping out school.

Mission save the Mbale street children from drug abuse will focus mainly on:

  • Sensitization about the dangers of drug abuse
  • Provide physiological support
  • Providing an alternative to idleness
  • Working with local leaders to ensure zero drug abuse among st these children

I am calling upon all of you who share the same passion to join me in the struggle of shaping the future of these children with the aim of making them meaningful citizens of their community and the world at large. Contribute ideas, money to foster the started struggle. You are most welcome. Reach me on +256779971543, mossebim2018@g mail.com

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