‘International world truth day’

Are you aware that may international days have been celebrated but true one had not yet been celebrated?

The best international day is International Truth Day, which should be celebrated on the 31st day of every year. This is because we want you to cross the new year when you are free from the sins committed in that year.

Therefore you:

  •  Doctor and patient
  • Teacher and a student
  • School and parent
  • Husband and wife
  • Child and parent
  • Accountant and company
  • Lawyer and client
  • Priest and Christians
  • Sheikh and Muslims
  • Internet companies and users
  • Radio presenters and followers
  • TV presenters and followers
  • Referees and players
  • Rise men and players
  • Women and men
  • Job interviewers and job seekers
  • President and citizens
  • Political leader and electorates
  • Examiner and the candidates
  • Nurse and patient
  • Muslim and christian
  • Businessman and the buyers
  • Driver and passenger
  • Company and Auditor
  • Men and men
  • Women and women
  • Child and child
  • You and me
  • Buyer and farmer
  • Butchery and the customer
  • Bus owner and driver
  • School owner and administration
  • Ngo and donor
  • District administrators and government

  • You and me,

Should not tell lies on that day for twelve hours.


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