Minimum capital for a modern coffee shop in Uganda

Hi friends all over the world, did you know that your can start a modern coffee shop with US dollars 200,000, approximately UGX. 760,000,000?

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See the breakdown:

  1. Modern equipment to cost , USD. 100,000 approximated to UGX. 360,000,000
  2. Rent costs between USD 1500 – 6000 approximated to UGX 5,700,000 – 22,800,000, depending on which town one wants to set up the shop. Initial deposits could lead you to invest about USD. 50,000 (UGX. 190,000,000)
  3. Advertisement and branding  could cost about USD. 20,000 roughly UGX. 76,000,000
  4. Labour, administration and registration may cost USD. 10,000 (UGX. 38,000,000)
  5. Stock may require an initial investment of USD. 20,000 (UGX.76,000,000)

We shall know how much one is expected to earn per day, month and a year after investing a hopping USD. 200,000 (UGX. 760,000,000) in setting up a modern coffee shop. Keep following my work.




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