Make money by investing in coffee shops in Uganda

Hello friends living in Europe, Asia, America and  Africa.

Did you know you can earn huge sums of dollars daily by investing in coffee shop business in Uganda?

With Arabica and Robusta coffee competing favorably in Uganda, as a new comer into the coffee shop industry, you will need to choose either of the two.

Here is how to plan your coffee shop investment:

  • Start by analyzing your competitors
  • After analysis the competition design your  Coffee menu and this will help you determine your entry point into the coffee shop business
  • Make sure there room for expansion
  • Locate your shop in a busy street
  • Price your services fairly to maximize sales
  • Employee experienced workers and pay them fairly good salary
  • Build friendship with coffee roasting and processing companies
  • Procure modern machines
  • Ensure wi-fi is connected
  • Chose Arabica coffee which has the best Aroma
  • Pay taxes in time so that you are not interrupted

Now that you have known the guidelines, my next write-up will  show how much you need to invest and what will be your daily investment returns, Keep following me.


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